Sustainability Management



Based on the Three Corporate Principles, which have served as MC’s core philosophy since its inception, MC identified a set of Key Sustainability Issues in 2016 as mileposts for proactively realizing “triple-value growth” through the simultaneous generation economic, societal and environmental value. While responding to the requests of all stakeholders, MC has worked to address various societal issues through its business activities and has contributed towards the sustainable development of society as well as value creation.
Six years have passed since the Key Sustainability Issues were identified, and stakeholder expectations of companies regarding issues such as climate change have grown even higher, while the issues that companies must address also continue to evolve. Against this backdrop, in order to further raise our corporate value over the medium to long term, we conducted a review of our Key Sustainability Issues from the perspective of their importance to our business activities. The revised "Materiality" was announced in Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 as a set of crucial societal issues that we will prioritize through our business activities, towards the strategy’s goal of continuous creation of MC Shared Value.
Out of the eight redefined material issues, the six that we will pursue through our business activities are categorized as “Realizing a Carbon Neutral Society and Striving to Enrich Society Both Materially and Spiritually”, while the two that we will pursue through organizational management are grouped as “Striving to Serve as a Platform for Generating Triple-Value Growth”. Guided by our Materiality, we will continue to strengthen our efforts toward sustainable corporate growth.

Initiatives to Address our Materiality

In 2016, we identified Key Sustainability Issues as management themes for sustainable growth, and throughout the period of Midterm Corporate Strategy 2021, we strengthened our initiatives by integrating them into business strategy through dialogue and exchange of opinions with each Business Group CEO, setting individual targets for each Business Group to address through their business, and reviewing those targets on a periodic basis.
Based on the recognition that strengthening our sustainability initiatives will link directly to the creation of value and the enhancement of our corporate value over the medium to long term, we will continue to consider specific measures to strengthen initiatives in accordance with our revised Materiality and will further enhance our disclosures to ensure understanding of our initiatives among our various stakeholders.

Materiality Identification Process

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