Environmental Management


MC considers addressing sustainability challenges as one of its most important management issues. We have therefore been actively engaged in promoting a range of initiatives towards preserving the global environment through every aspect of our business. The cornerstone of these activities is our Environmental Charter, which was established in 1996. The charter clearly outlines our fundamental stance regarding environmental issues to all of our stakeholders. Based on this charter, MC conducts a variety of activities and strives to create and increase environmental value. The charter has been revised as necessary in order to reflect the fact that environmental issues and awareness are constantly evolving.
MC has established environmental management systems (EMS) that are compliant with ISO 14001, with the President & CEO serving as the chief officer in charge of EMS. In keeping with the spirit of the Environmental Charter, MC is advancing EMS activities based on its Environmental Policy.
Specifically, by having the President & CEO manage the targets set the previous fiscal year for both business and office activities, determine policies for the next year and establish systems for internal deployment, we are striving to continuously enhance and improve our EMS in harmony with our business activities. We will continue to seek out truly effective initiatives that contribute to our company’s sustainable growth.

MC’s Environmental Policy

MC has established environmental management systems (EMS) based upon its Environmental Charter. By disseminating the Environmental Policy set each year by the President & CEO and promoting awareness throughout MC, MC aims to preserve the global environment and work towards the realization of a sustainable society through its business activities.

【2021 Environmental Policy】
  1. 1Compliance with Environmental Laws and Standards

    We will uphold environmental laws and standards in addition to our own environmental commitments.

  2. 2Efforts to Improve the Environment

    1. (1)We will make efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in order to address climate change.
    2. (2)We will make efforts to reduce resource and energy consumption.
    3. (3)We recognize the importance of biodiversity and will pay close attention to our impact on the natural environment.
  3. 3Continuous Improvement of our EMS

    We will strive for continuous utilization and improvement to our EMS in line with our business activities.

  4. 4Disclosure of our Environmental Policy

    We will ensure that our Environmental Policy is conveyed to all of our employees, and we will promote understanding through training and dissemination efforts. We will also publicly disclose our Environmental Policy.

サステナビリティ・CSR部 ステークホルダーエンゲージメントチーム(PQ-E), サステナビリティ・CSR部 Kチーム (PQ-K)

Green Procurement Policy

As MC conducts office activities in line with its Environmental Policy, MC is taking the following actions in order to proactively show consideration for the environment through all types of procurement activities with the aim of reducing its impact on the environment. These actions are based on the Green Purchase Guidelines, which lay out in writing green purchase methods.

  1. 1. Avoid unnecessary procurement
  2. 2. Place emphasis on “environmental consideration” together with function/cost at the time of procurement, and select green products whenever possible which satisfy the following:
    1. (1) Those using primarily recycled/reused raw materials
    2. (2) Those which reduce resource and energy costs and have a lower environmental impact throughout the production/use/disposal lifecycle stages
    3. (3) Those which do not use hazardous chemicals, or are making efforts to reduce such substances
    4. (4) Those with an established recycling system
  3. 3. Make efforts to reduce environmental impact from packing and transport during procurement wherever possible
  4. 4. Strive to reuse materials and curb new procurement

Furthermore, the guidelines also stipulate that when selecting products with special procedures required by law (home electronics, etc.), MC will confirm whether or not the product takes into account environmental considerations by referencing catalogues and other sources. Furthermore, when selecting products such as stationery, printing paper and furniture, MC will also confirm by referencing catalogues and other sources whether the product is certified (with an official mark) as having met environmental regulations/standards.

サステナビリティ・CSR部 サステナビリティ企画チーム(PQ-C)


At MC, environmental management systems (EMS) are managed by the General Manager of the Corporate Sustainability & CSR Dept., who serves as the Environmental Manager, with the President & CEO of MC serving as the chief officer in charge of EMS. MC encourages the participation of all employees in implementing EMS in cooper- ation with the Group Chief Sustainability Officer of each business group (EMS Promotion Officers in Japan), along with Group EMS Managers and other personnel.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Promotion Framework

As of April 1 2021

Status of ISO 14001 Acquisition

In 1998, MC acquired ISO 14001 certification at its Head Offices. In 1999, the following year, domestic branches were also added to the scope of certification. Individual group companies also comply with ISO 14001 depending on their individual status.

  • * Certified sites (ISO 14001-certified sites):
    • Seven domestic sites (Head Offices, Hokkaido Branch, Tohoku Branch, Chubu Branch, Kansai Branch, Chugoku Branch, Kyushu Branch)
    • Three affiliated companies (Mitsubishi Corporation Financial & Management Services (Japan) Ltd., MC Facilities Co., Ltd., MC Communications Inc.)
  • * Ratio of ISO 14001-certified sites: 100%
  • * Scope of registration: Commodity trading and business investment activities
Main MC Group Companies with ISO 14001 Certification
Business Group Name of Company Business Activities
Natural Gas Group FAIRFIELD ENERGY LTD Plug and abandonment, and decommissioning of upstream crude oil assets
BRUNEI LNG SENDIRIAN BERHAD Natural gas liquefaction and LNG sales
TOMORI E&P LIMITED Natural gas development, production, and sales
PT Donggi Senoro LNG Natural gas liquefaction and LNG sales
MI BERAU B.V. Natural gas development, production, liquefaction, and LNG sales
Industrial Materials Group MC Zhenjiang Anode Solutions Co., Ltd. Production and sale of anodes for aluminum smelting
NIPPON ELECTRODE COMPANY,LTD. Production and sales of various carbon products
Metal One Corporation Steel products business
Amfine Chemical Corporation Manufacturing of stabilizers and additives for plastics
UBE-MC Hydrogen Peroxide Ltd Hydrogen peroxide business
SHIN SANSO KAGAKU CO. Hydrogen peroxide, high quality urea water business
Tosoh Hellas A. I. C Manufacturing of manganese dioxide
Cape Flattery Silica Mines Pty., Ltd. Silica sand business
ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd. Carbon fiber recycling business
Petroleum & Chemicals Solution Group Mitsubishi Shoji Chemical Corporation Marketing of solvents, paints, coating resins and silicones
Mitsubishi Corporation Plastics Ltd. Marketing of synthetic resin raw materials and products
Chuo Kagaku Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of plastic food containers
MC Ferticom Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of fertilizers
Meiwa Corporation Trading company
P.T.KANSAI PAINT INDONESIA Automobile paint production and sales
EXPORTADORA DE SAL, S. A. de C. V. Salt business
Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of PET resin
Mineral Resources Group Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd. Mineral resources trading company for Japanese customers
Qingdao Toyo Heat-Exchanger Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and marketing of heat exchangers for automobiles
Mozal S.A. Smelting and sales of aluminum
Anglo American  Sur S.A. Mining, processing and sales of copper ore
Industrial Infrastructure Group Chiyoda Corporation Plant engineering business
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corporation Design, production, packaging, servicing and repair of turbomachinery parts and products
Nikken Corporation Construction Equipment & Rental Business
NIKKEN SANGYO Real estate leasing
Nikken Real Estate Ltd. Information media sales, insurance agency business, manufacturing and sales of dry toilets, and construction equipment
Mitsubishi Corporation Technos Sales of machine tools and industrial machinery
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC DE COLOMBIA LTDA Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
Korea Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Co., Ltd. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
ALSOK Soei Co., Ltd. Facility management business
Automotive & Mobility Group PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia Automobile manufacturing
GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd. Assembly, import and sales of automobiles
P.T. KRAMA YUDHA TIGA BERLIAN MOTORS Import and sales of automobiles
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Manufacturing and sales of automobiles and automobile parts
Food Industry Group Aji Japan Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of food ingredients and seasoning preparations
Ajiryo Food Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of seasoning ingredients
Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc. Manufacturing and sales of processed meat products and processed / precooked food products, 
Salad Club Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of packaged salads
Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of corn starch and related processed products
Nitto Fuji Flour Milling Co., Ltd. Flour miller
AGREX INC. Grain storage and sales
Cermaq Group AS Salmon farming business
DECCAN FINE CHEMICALS (INDIA) PRIVATE LI Contracted manufacturing of agrochemical intermediates and active ingredients
NITTO-FUJI INTERNATIONAL VIETNAM CO.,LTD Manufacturing and sales of mixed flour
NITTO-FUJI INTERNATIONAL THAILAND CO.,LTD Manufacturing and sales of mixed flour
OLAM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Production, collection, processing, trade, and port operations for agricultural products
Princes Limited Food and beverage manufacturing
PT. FERMENTECH INDONESIA Manufacturing and sales of ingredients for foods and seasonings
PT.SORINI TOWA BERLIAN CORPORINDO Manufacturing and sales of sweeteners
Consumer Industry Group Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Domestic and international wholesale and distribution of processed foods, frozen and chilled foods, alcoholic beverages and confectionaries
Kanro Inc. Manufature and sale of confections and food
Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc. International integrated transport logistics, warehousing
Toyo Tire Corporation Tire Business, Automotive Parts (Business)
Power Solution Group N.V. ENECO Energy supply business
Lithium Energy Japan Lithium-ion battery manufacturing and sales
MCM Energy Service Co., Ltd. Electric heat supply business
GS BATTERY VIETNAM CO., LTD. Manufacture and sale of lead-acid batteries for automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial use
DIAMOND GENERATING EUROPE LIMITED Development, management and operation of power generation assets in Europe
Swing Corporation Water business
Metito Holdings Limited Water management solutions
Urban Development Group Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited Various types of leasing, installment sales, and other financial services
Corporate Staff Section Mitsubishi Corporation Financial & Management Services (Japan) Ltd. Financial, accounting, and inspection services, corporate finance and management consulting services
MC Facilities Co., Ltd. Facility management for buildings and offices, and general business support
Environmental Audits

MC conducts internal environmental audits every year in accordance with ISO 14001. Audits are conducted by forming audit teams comprised of members of the Corporate Sustainability Dept. The audit teams confirm whether EMS is being effectively implemented in each business group. The audit teams report their findings to the President & CEO, who serves as the chief officer in charge of EMS.

Environmental Communications

When MC is requested by customers or other external stakeholders to provide environmental information, MC discloses this information by following the processes stipulated by the ISO 14001 standards. This information includes questionnaire responses and certified copies of documentation associated with the ISO certification process. In the fiscal year ended March 2021, MC responded to 36 questionnaires and provided 6 certified copies of its ISO documentation.

サステナビリティ・CSR部 ステークホルダーエンゲージメントチーム(PQ-E), 複合都市開発グループCEOオフィス(SX-C), 天然ガスグループCEOオフィス (NX-B), 電力ソリューショングループCEOオフィス (EZ-K), 石油・化学グループCEOオフィス(CT-A), コンシューマー産業グループCEOオフィス(HI-F), 総合素材グループ 炭素本部 戦略企画室(DZ-R), 総合素材グループCEOオフィス(DZ-R2), 金属資源グループCEOオフィス(KZ-B), 産業インフラグループCEOオフィス(MV-Y), 自動車・モビリティグループCEOオフィス(UV-A), 食品産業グループCEOオフィス 経営計画ユニット(LI-F), サステナビリティ・CSR部 Kチーム (PQ-K)


Procurement of CO₂-Free Electricity for the Head Office Building

As part of efforts to contribute to ”Contributing to Decarbonized Societies”, one of MC’s Materialities, MC has switched to green power for the electricity procured for its Head Office building (the Mitsubishi Shoji Building). CO₂-free electricity with environmental value (tracked non-Fossil Fuel Energy Certificates*1) is generated at a solar power plant invested in and operated by Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions Ltd., which is engaged in the power generation business, and procured through MC Retail Energy Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the power retailing business. As such, electricity demand in the Mitsubishi Shoji Building is covered by renewable energy sources that also meet the requirements of RE100*2. From power generation to retail, MC Group companies work together to supply, procure and use renewable energy, creating environmental value by leveraging the MC Group’s comprehensive capabilities in the power value chain.


  1. *1 Non-Fossil Fuel Energy Certificates certify the environmental value of electricity as being generated from non-fossil fuel energy sources, such as renewable energy sources, under the Act on the Promotion of Use of Non-fossil Energy Sources and Effective Use of Fossil Energy Materials by Energy Suppliers.
  2. *2 An international initiative that aims for 100% of the energy used in business operations to be procured from renewable sources.
電力ソリューショングループCEOオフィス (EZ-K)

Relevant Data

Number of Environmental Reports and Corrective Measures

In the implementation of EMS, a system has been established for reporting and correcting matters relating to infringements of laws and ordinances as well as guidance from authorities. The incidents are shared throughout MC and measures are taken to prevent recurrences.

Number of Environmental Reports and Corrective Measures
  2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
Number of reports 1 0 2
Number of corrective measures 1 0 2
(Including matters resulting in fines, penalties, etc.) 0 0 0

A reporting system which uses a compliance hotline has been instituted to appropriately respond to accidents and disasters when they occur and to promptly implement measures to prevent recurrence. The system covers not only MC but group companies as well. Going forward, MC will continue to promote EMS as well as measures to address environmental contamination such as oil pollution. Concurrently, in the event of an environmental incident, MC will promptly report the incident to the relevant parties and investigate the causes, along with considering appropriate remedial measures and preventive measures. In doing so, MC will rigorously implement measures to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

Reference:Compliance System Diagram

サステナビリティ・CSR部 ステークホルダーエンゲージメントチーム(PQ-E), サステナビリティ・CSR部 Kチーム (PQ-K)