Philosophy and Approach

The Three Corporate Principles
Contributing to Society through Business Firmly Rooted in Principles of Integrity and Fairness
The Three Corporate Principles Corporate Responsibility to Society, Integrity and Fairness, and Global Understanding Through Business have served as MC’s core philosophy since MC’s inception, inspiring us to conduct fair and sound business activities at all times. We have constantly endeavored to enhance our compliance initiatives. Measures have included establishing the Corporate Standards of Conduct to set forth our expectations with regard to how business should be conducted, in conjunction with developing various compliance-related internal rules, introducing a compliance officer system, and expanding and upgrading risk management frameworks. The Mitsubishi Corporation Code of Conduct requires employees to conduct business in compliance with laws and regulations as well as global standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights established by the United Nations (UN) and the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). It also requires officers and employees (including full-time and part-time employees, secondees and temporary staff; hereinafter only referred to as "officers and employees") to act in a socially responsible manner by complying with the highest ethical standards, and to acknowledge commitment to the Mitsubishi Corporation Code of Conduct. MC adopted the Environmental Charter and Social Charter in accordance with the Three Corporate Principles, and we commit to increase our corporate value as well as to contribute to the sustainable development of society, as a globally integrated business enterprise. MC Group companies share a common history and philosophy as they continue to grow together and learn from one another.
* The Three Corporate Principles, Corporate Standards of Conduct, Code of Conduct, Environmental Charter, and Social Charter are shared with all MC Group employees globally via a portal site for MC Group companies as well as through various internal training programs.

Corporate Standards of Conduct
  1. 1.Aim of Corporate Business Activities
    Through its business activities, Mitsubishi Corporation will endeavor to increase its value. At the same time, MC will strive to enrich society in all ways, developing and offering its customers the best services and products, with the highest regard for safety.
  2. 2.Fairness and Integrity in Corporate Business Activities
    Mitsubishi Corporation will continue to develop its business activities in compliance with all relevant laws, international regulations and internal rules. MC will act responsibly and will respect the highest social standards.
  3. 3.Respect for Human Rights and Employees
    Mitsubishi Corporation will respect human rights and will not engage in any discrimination. MC will preserve and improve its corporate strengths through the development of its employees, all the while respecting the character and individuality of each employee.
  4. 4.Information Security and Disclosure
    While Mitsubishi Corporation will continue to develop, implement and improve the effectiveness of its information security management system, at the same time MC will disclose information accurately and in a timely fashion, so as to maintain transparency and be correctly understood by both its stakeholders and the general public.
  5. 5.Consideration for Environmental Issues
    Mitsubishi Corporation understands that an enterprise cannot continue to prosper without consideration for its environmental performance, and will strive to protect and improve the global environment and pursue sustainable development through all aspects of its business activities.
  6. 6.Contribution to Society
    As a responsible member of society, Mitsubishi Corporation will actively carry out philanthropic programs in an effort to promote the enrichment of society. Moreover, MC will support efforts of its employees to contribute to society.
Mitsubishi Corporation Code of Conduct
Basic Policy

All officers and employees of Mitsubishi Corporation (the “Company”) must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations where they operate, international standards and rules, and all internal corporate rules and policies. In addition, all officers and employees of MC must act in a socially responsible manner by complying with the highest ethical standards in the conduct of their business.

Basic Principles
  1. 1.Respect human rights, and do not discriminate on any basis or engage in any form of harassment.
  2. 2.Maintain a high regard for environmental considerations in conducting our business operations, and ensure that our business is conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner,and comply with treaties, laws and regulations concerning the environment.
  3. 3.Promote fair business practices and comply with trade rules, regulations, and internal corporate rules and policies.
  4. 4.Comply with the rules and regulations of international trade.
  5. 5.Protect and properly use confidential and proprietary information, protect the rights of MC and respect the rights of others.
  6. 6.Do not engage in insider trading.
  7. 7.Avoid conflicts of interest with MC; maintain a distinction between corporate and private business.
  8. 8.Record and report accounting and financial information timely and accurately.
  9. 9.Maintain proper legal and ethical standards with respect to gifts and entertainment.
  10. 10.Resolutely oppose any organization, group or individual engaged in unlawful activities and do not provide money or other types of economic benefits to them.
  11. 11.Promptly report to or consult the superiors, the Group Compliance Officers, the relevant departments, the Secretariat for the Compliance Committee, or the outside counsel in charge of Compliance upon discovering or committing any violations of this “Code of Conduct.”
Mitsubishi Corporation Environmental Charter

At Mitsubishi Corporation we consider the Earth itself to be our most important stakeholder and are continually working towards the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities.

  • We will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by continually implementing new efficiency measures and embracing new technologies.
  • We will promote the sustainable use of natural resources including energy, minerals, food stocks and water throughout our global business operations.
  • We recognize the critical importance of what ecosystems can provide and are committed to protecting ecosystems and mitigating any potential impacts on biodiversity.
  • We will strive to create and enhance environmental value through environmental conservation and environmental impact reduction measures including pollution prevention.
  • We will continue to actively engage and work with our various stakeholders openly and transparently and disclose information on the environmental impacts of our business operations in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • We will conduct all of our activities in compliance with environmental laws while adhering to international rules and social standards.
Mitsubishi Corporation Social Charter

Mitsubishi Corporation strives to achieve sustainable societal value though our business operations by contributing towards lasting solutions to the wide spectrum of sustainability challenges facing today’s global society.

  • We will work to address local societal challenges in the regions and communities in which we operate, contributing towards lasting and sustainable development through our business activities.
  • We will continue our wide-ranging philanthropic commitments while regularly adapting our approach in line with ever-evolving societal needs and challenges.
  • We will fully respect human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights.
  • We will fully respect fundamental labor rights and endeavor to ensure the provision of proper working environments with consideration for safety, health, and other aspects.
  • We will not engage in corruption of any kind and will take appropriate preventative measures to safeguard against such practices.
  • We will continue to actively engage and work with our various stakeholders openly and transparently and disclose information on the social impacts of our business operations in an appropriate and timely manner.
MC Group Vision

Achieving Sustainable Growth for the MC Group and Society

The MC Group aims to deliver sustainable growth by adapting to changes in the business environment and fulfilling societal needs in due consideration for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve this aim, the MC Group shall rely on three core strengths, namely its collective capabilities to adopt a holistic view of industry, the foresight to identify new seeds of growth, and its execution skills to germinate them.

Simultaneously Generating Economic Value, Societal Value and Environmental Value through Our Businesses

Mission & Corporate Philosophy

  • The "Three Corporate Principles" serve as the MC Group's core philosophy and underpin its commitment to fair, responsible, and global business practices.
  • By pooling its collective capabilities, the MC Group strives to fulfill societal needs and meet stakeholder expectations by simultaneously generating economic, societal and environmental value.


  • The MC Group prides itself in adapting to our ever-evolving world, anticipating and responding to changes in geopolitical, economic and industrial landscapes, the last two of which are being increasingly driven by innovations in technology.

Consolidated Growth Strategy

  • The MC Group includes approximately 1,800 enterprises, and as the MC Group works to raise their consolidated earnings, it remains equally committed to growing their individual corporate value, while simultaneously generating three values.
  • By leveraging the diverse expertise found throughout its network of Group companies and more than 130 Business Units, MC shall continue to innovate and inspire global industries.
  • MC shall optimizes its portfolio by dynamically allocating management resources based on its level of engagement in each business. Sizeable growth investments are companywide commitments to develop next-generation earnings drivers.
  • The MC Group is dedicated to rearing the highest quality of management professionals, ehically grounded leaders with the foresight to identify new seeds of growth and the execution skills to germinate them.
  • Regardless of how our world evolves, there will always be opportunities to deliver goods and services that meet societal needs and improve our quality of life. This recognition is the very foundation of MC’s consolidated growth strategy.
サステナビリティ・CSR部 ステークホルダーエンゲージメントチーム(PQ-E), 総務部 危機管理室(PH-K), 法務部 コンプライアンス総括室(PL), 法務部 法務企画室(PL-X), 総務部 総務チーム(PH-A)

Value Creation Model

The Sustainable Growth that MC Seeks
The External Environment Surrounding MC’s Sustainable Growth
In 2020, the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented disruption, and the uncertain outlook for the external environment persists. Even before the pandemic, global shifts such as heightened US-China tensions and a wave of digitalization were already ushering in a new era. As economies and societies worldwide continue this transformation, MC and its Group companies must utilize their collective capabilities to respond.
In recent years in particular, we have seen developments such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, as well as progress towards the transition to low-carbon/ decarbonized societies targeting net-zero emissions by 2050 and the expansion of ESG investment. Together with stricter laws and regulations and the demand for a sustainable recovery from COVID-19, these developments are all leading to a wider recognition that sustainable corporate growth is tied to the simultaneous generation of not only economic value, but also societal value and environmental value.
Amid these circumstances, we will act in accordance with the Three Corporate Principles, which have served as MC’s guiding philosophy since its founding, to stay on top of global trends and to offer solutions to societal issues and needs by uncovering new business opportunities.
Toward Value Creation through the Simultaneous Generation of Triple-Value Growth
Based on the Three Corporate Principles, which have served as MC’s guiding philosophy since its founding, MC has continued to pass down the ideals of promoting integrity and fairness through its global business and contributing to the sustainable development of society.
We will continue to work to simultaneously generate triple-value growth, to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and to raise corporate value by addressing our Key Sustainability Issues, which are issues for management to address to promote sustainable growth. To accomplish these goals, we will leverage the diverse and capable management capital of the entire MC Group by applying the three core strengths of collective capabilities to adopt a holistic view across numerous industries, the foresight to identify New Seeds of Growth, and the execution skills to achieve that growth.