Human Resource Development


Principles of Human Resource Development

MC's basic policy on human resources development (HRD) is to continuously produce “management-minded human capital committed to enhancing business value,” and to ensure the stepwise development of both a strong moral compass and advanced conception and execution skills in all of its people.
MC's off-the-job training (OFF-JT) is designed to equip employees with the necessary knowledge and competencies to sharpen the abovementioned traits at each of their Job Grades and at the right stages of their careers. MC's HR training programs support the career development of all employees throughout the MC Group, including those at MC's parent company, its overseas offices and its group companies in Japan and around the world.

MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)


Priority Targets and Current Status

With the introduction of the new HR system in the year ended March 2020, MC set out the necessary knowledge and competencies for each Job Grade, and reviewed the HRD Program Structure with an emphasis on the following three points. From the year ended March 2021, we are undertaking further development and expansion based on this HRD Program Structure.

Further Professional Growth Support Focusing on Management Professionals

Development of the skills necessary to become or work as management professionals.

  • Introduction of DX-related sessions in executive training and in the MC Leadership Program
  • Expansion of BS (business school)-related training for mid-level employees
Establishment of Training Programs to Strengthen Leadership and Professional Development of Managers

In line with the new HR system, which identifies support for the growth of subordinates and colleagues as one of its most important missions, MC will develop and expand training programs for acquiring the knowledge and competencies necessary for growth support management.

  • Introduction of lectures on “Growth Dialogues” and coaching in the MC Leadership Program
  • Expansion of online content on the above topics for those other than newly appointed leaders
Creation of a Training System That Allows Employees to Grow Autonomously

Provides opportunities for employees to develop themselves, MC will expand access to MC Self-Development Program and Company-wide open lectures.

In addition, MC provides support for young employees to participate in external training for self-development.

  • Expansion of MC Self-Development Program and MC Skill-up Seminar and allow them to be accessed online
  • Introduction of a Skills-Development Support Program for young employees
Outcome Metrics
Metric FY2019 Result FY2020 Result FY2021 Target
Total cost of training 2.19 billion yen 1.65 billion yen 2.1 billion yen
Average training hours per person 23.2 hours 16.0 hours 20 hours
Percentage of professional staff who have acquired business-level English by the third year of employment 99% 99% 100%
MC SIM事務局, Test組織, サステナビリティ・CSR部 ステークホルダーエンゲージメントチーム(PQ-E), サステナビリティ・CSR部 サステナビリティ企画チーム(PQ-C), サステナビリティ・CSR部 復興支援チーム(PQ-F), サステナビリティ・CSR部 社会貢献チーム(PQ-P), IR部(PI), 総務部 危機管理室(PH-K), 法務部 コンプライアンス総括室(PL), 法務部 法務企画室(PL-X), 総務部 総務チーム(PH-A), 広報部 ブランドコミュニケーションチーム(PR-B), 主計部 予・決算管理チーム(PC-B), 主計部 リスク管理チーム(PC-U), 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P), 監査部 企画チーム(PB-D), 地域総括部 対外企画チーム(PM-W), ITサービス部 ITガバナンスチーム(PW-B), 監査役・監査役室(PK), 複合都市開発グループCEOオフィス(SX-C), 天然ガスグループCEOオフィス (NX-B), 電力ソリューショングループCEOオフィス (EZ-K), 石油・化学グループCEOオフィス(CT-A), コンシューマー産業グループCEOオフィス(HI-F), 総合素材グループ 炭素本部 戦略企画室(DZ-R), 総合素材グループCEOオフィス(DZ-R2), 金属資源グループCEOオフィス(KZ-B), 産業インフラグループCEOオフィス(MV-Y), 自動車・モビリティグループCEOオフィス(UV-A), 食品産業グループCEOオフィス 経営計画ユニット(LI-F), (PX), 税務チーム


Officer in Charge Yutaka Kashiwagi (Member of the Board, Executive Vice President, Corporate Functional Officer, CDO, CAO, Corporate Communications, Corporate Sustainability & CSR)
Deliberative Body
(A subcommittee under the Executive Committee, a management decisionmaking body)
Human Resources Development (HRD) Committee
Important matters related to human resource development deliberated by the HRD Committee are formally approved by the Executive Committee and put forward or reported to the Board of Directors based on prescribed standards.
Department in Charge Global Human Resources Dept.
MC Group HRD Program Structure

人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)


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Introduction of Human Resource Development Programs
Career Development Support Programs

Aiming to foster reciprocal growth between MC and its employees, “employee self-growth and support for growth by MC” are key priorities for MC.

Growth Conversations
MC holds “Growth Conversations” once a year between employees and supervisors, with a focus on skill development and career building, as a system to encourage self-growth for employees and allow them to receive support for their growth from supervisors and colleagues. “Midterm Conversations” are also held at any time around themes deemed necessary by the employee or supervisor.
Talent Review Program
MC has a policy to “be more meritocratic to ensure the right people are assigned to the right positions,” and aims to achieve this through its Talent Review Program, where the right people are identified through a process of having employees directly evaluated by their supervisors while also being observed and assessed by multiple other eyes. In the Talent Review Program, human resources in each organization are evaluated based on their core competencies while also reviewing individual abilities and experiences, and this information is shared with the relevant parties along with the employees’ career aspirations.
Career Shift Support
Employees turning 50 or 55 are required to take career design training courses are provided as an opportunity to think autonomously about their future life and career, including post-retirement. Furthermore, for those in their late 40s who wish to participate, in addition to career design training, we provide briefings on company schemes as well as money planning seminars.
Basic and Specialized Training

When employees first join MC, they participate in training programs designed to equip them with basic business, communication, analytical and management skills. They also work on becoming globally competitive professionals, something that all sogo shosha employees must aspire to be.

New Employee Training
This training focuses on instilling employees with the know-how, skills and other qualities demanded of both working professionals in general and those employed by MC. Covid-19 has made telecommuting the norm; however, a variety of programs are implemented as soon as the employee joins the company, and follow-up programs are conducted at the mid-term and end-of-term points to ensure that the employee can immediately demonstrate their abilities and to facilitate relationship-building among the workforce. In addition to full-time instructors, the workplace provides a nurturing environment that supports the growth of new employees.
Business Basic Skill Program and Business Advanced Skill Program
This comprehensive, two-stage training is designed to strengthen the basic skills of young employees who are in their first three years with MC, covering finance and accounting, bookkeeping, M&A operations, English-language proficiency, global leadership and other areas. The first stage is the Business Basic Skill Program (BBS) and the second is the Business Advanced Skill Program (BAS).
Global Trainee Program
In principle, this program's purpose is to provide all employees with overseas experience within their first eight years with MC to keep pace with the advancing globalization of MC's businesses. Focusing on international on-the-job training (OJT), the program includes assignments to overseas business schools and assignments for culture and language training. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Approximately 100 employees took part in the program every year.
Assignment of Global Trainees (Year Ended March 2019 ~ Year Ended March 2021)
Assignment of Global Trainees (Year ended March 2020)

MC offers training programs that are designed to sharpen employees' thinking as managers and equip them with the skills to help grow business value. These programs help to enhance employees' business and digital-strategy conception skills and their HR management skills. Additionally, in line with the new personnel system, which highlights "growth support" for subordinates and colleagues as a key mission, MC is developing and expanding training programs aimed at delivering the skills and knowledge necessary for growth support management.

Instructor Training
MC appoints a senior employee from the same workplace to act as an “instructor” and assume responsibility for training new employees. The instructor is responsible for actively providing guidance on day-to-day operations and instructing and educating employees on the qualities necessary to be an MC employee. Even though telecommuting has become the norm under the pandemic, we provide instructors with training on how to guide new employees and support their growth so they can demonstrate their abilities immediately and progressively build relationships.
Innovators’ Program
Run by MC with the support of professors from Stanford University, this program is held in Silicon Valley and aims to nurture the conception skills necessary to grow business value. It is a good platform for learning about design thinking and other thought processes that inspire innovation, as well as the background and mechanisms behind the rapid growth of Silicon Valley enterprises.
Online Business School
Designed for employees at Management Grade, this system enables participants to take online correspondence courses from top overseas universities. Participants are free to choose from a wide range of programs covering leadership, strategy, finance and other courses.
Executive Education in Overseas Business Schools
Every year, approximately 50 employees are enrolled in short-term programs at top universities in the US, Europe and Asia. These assignments are designed to build up employees' management skills and networks with other program participants from diverse cultures and industries.
MC Leadership Program
Designed to equip participants with the leadership know-how and skills for diversity management or growth-support management to support subordinates' career growth and otherwise manage organizations, this training targets approximately 150 team-leader candidates per year.
Business Management Program
At present, 30% of MC's employees are on secondments to MC's subsidiaries and affiliates, which they are directly engaged in managing. The objective of the Business Management Program is to provide such secondees with the skills in leadership, diversity management, strategizing and governance that are necessary to run organizations and enhance business value.
MC Executives’ Program
This program, which targets officer candidates, has been running since the year ended March 2004. Its pillar is its management workshops, which involve discussions with VPs and other current executives on a variety of management issues. Lively opinion exchanges with the diversely experienced participants, lectures by internal and external business leaders, and other rich content make this program a good opportunity for officer candidates to broaden their perspectives, learn how high-level managers think and network with professionals from all of MC's Business Groups.
Autonomous Learning

To provide employees with more opportunities for proactive learning and self-improvement, and thereby encourage “self-growth,” MC continues to enhance and upgrade its independent study programs.

Online Learning Platform
To support the diversification, modernization, and optimization of learning content, as well as the improvement of individual abilities and skills through autonomous learning, MC has introduced a platform that allows students to learn from a wide range of online content.
Career Vision Training
Career vision training aims to teach participants how to reflect on their careers in a way that will help them to continue to grow autonomously and generate results by leveraging their unique personalities and talents.
MC Skill-up Seminar
MC offers a number of courses to foster skills and abilities that connect to development of expertise, foresight and execution skills.
MC Self-Development Program
This program is designed to equip employees with the relevant management, business and language expertise. MC encourages employees to take a selection of designated courses.
Skills-Development Support Program
This program encourages self-growth and the kind of commitment to raising business value that is typically demonstrated by those in upper management. MC helps employees to take courses that are considered suitable for those in the "Frontline Professionals" stage of their careers.
MC Group Values

To comprehensively strengthen its consolidated workforce of 80,000 global professionals, MC is dedicated to sharing values and building robust networks throughout the MC Group.

Sharing MC Values
Since FY2010, the MC Group Gateway Program has been conducted as an orientation program for employees of MC's offices and group companies worldwide. Held in Tokyo eight times per year in Japanese and English, the program's objectives are to encourage employees to share MC's corporate principles and values, and to foster a greater understanding of the MC Group. In the year ended March 2020, about 450 employees took part, bringing the total number of participants since the program's inception to roughly 4,100. Similar orientation programs to share MC Group values are being held in other regions.
International Transfers
In recent years, we have been transferring more employees hired at MC overseas offices to other countries to meet the growing needs of our global operations. These international transfers provide a wide range of experiences and help to refine employees’ global perspectives. At the same time, they give employees a clearer understanding of the MC Group overall and its management philosophy. MC will therefore continue to promote deployments on a consolidated, global base, assigning the appropriate human resources for each position.
MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)


Human Resource Development and Training Data
Number of Training Participants (Non-Consolidated Basis)
Program Name Eligible Employees 2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
Business Basic Skill Program 1st or 2nd year employees 171 130 124
Business Advanced Skill Program 3rd year employees 150 157 121
MC Executives’ Program Managing Director class employees 36 34 29
Overview of MC’s Training (Non-Consolidated Basis)
  2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
No. of training participants per year*1 3,162 3,875 4,541
Total annual training hours*2 Approx. 124,000 Approx. 137,000 Approx. 92,000
Annual training hours per employee*3 20.7 23.2 16.0
Total cost of training*4 2.14 billion yen 2.19 billion yen 1.63 billion yen
Cost per employee*5 356,000 yen 372,000 yen 286,000 yen
  1. *1 Training programs run by the Global HR Dept. at the Head Office.
  2. *2 Training programs run by the Global HR Dept. at the Head Office (excluding training for overseas assignments).
  3. *3 An employee who enters MC as a new graduate, spends their career at MC until retirement, and undergoes all standard training (including assigned overseas training) is estimated to spend an average 62 hours in training annually.
  4. *4 Total cost includes internal development costs and billings for training related services, etc. from outside entities.
  5. *5 Total cost of training divided by the total number of employees.
MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)