Occupational Health and Safety


Management Message

The MC Group has a global workforce of approximately 86,000 professionals. These people are MC’s greatest assets. 'Fostering Vibrant Workplaces That Maximize the Potential of a Diverse Workforce' has been identified as one of the eight Materiality for MC to address together with our Group companies, and as our operations continue to expand and globalize, diverse human resources representing all genders, nationalities and other characteristics will be needed to fully utilize their respective capabilities in order for the MC Group to continue generating corporate value sustainably. With this in mind, we believe that maintaining and promoting health is an important issue, starting with the provision of safe working environments.

The MC Group promotes initiatives around occupational health and safety (OHS) and health management, which are flexibly tailored to the independence and capacity of each individual and organization. These include activities to create environments where employees and contractors can work with peace of mind, as well as health, labor and crisis management initiatives. We aim to build and operate management systems that go beyond simply meeting the legal requirements in the countries where we operate to provide support that is more substantial.

Within the MC Group, there are companies with OHS management systems that have obtained the international certifications ISO45000 and OHSAS18001. Furthermore, in order to promote OHS management throughout the entire MC Group, we will develop an organizational framework, clarify responsibilities and continuously monitor progress in order to refine, maintain and further improve our activities. Accordingly, we have set out the following policy for the MC Group:

MC Group Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy
  • The MC Group as a whole will work to promote the health of all stakeholders, including MC employees and contractors, and to enhance our systems for occupational health and safety.
  • We will conduct robust OHS management regardless of the country or region where we operate, upholding and seeking to go beyond local labor standards, laws and regulations.
  • In order to create an environment where our people, the MC Group’s greatest asset, can work with peace of mind, we will work to maintain and improve their health, such as reducing the risks posed by infectious diseases and preventing overwork, including the reduction of excessively long working hours.
  • Through proper management systems, we will prevent occupational accidents at each workplace. In the event an accident does occur, we will quickly assess the situation, analyze the cause and formulate preventative measures.
人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Fostering Our Employees’ Maximum Potential and Reducing Health Risks

MC has designated “Fostering Vibrant Workplaces That Maximize the Potential of a Diverse Workforce” as one of its Materialities.

Our policies on occupational health and safety are designed to enable diverse human resources to make full use of their capabilities and approach their work with enthusiasm.

MC is placing maximum emphasis on employee health by aiming to reduce the risk of employee illness. We place a particular focus on mental health, providing a counseling desk and mental health support desk staffed by licensed psychologists and clinical psychotherapists, as well as dedicated physicians at the in-house medical clinics. Furthermore, MC conducts a regular online stress check.

For workersʼ safety, we respond rapidly in the event of an accident and continue to raise awareness about safety and establishing and improving our management systems.

人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Supply Chain Initiatives

Recognizing the importance of managing environmental and social impacts in its supply chains, MC has established the Mitsubishi Corporation Policy for Sustainable Supply Chain Management (as amended in August 2018). The policy requires suppliers to respect human rights and endeavor to provide their employees with safe and healthy work environments. In addition to sharing the policy with suppliers, MC conducts a regular questionnaire to confirm compliance with it. While basic measures for occupational health and safety management are undertaken by each business, the MC Group endeavors to address this issue collectively. Measures include visiting suppliers to confirm the status of their activities when determined that site visits are necessary considering location as well as the type of business.

* Covers only Tier 1 suppliers in Japan and abroad

Reference:For details on other supply chain initiatives other than those described above, please see Supply Chain Management.

サステナビリティ・CSR部 サステナビリティ企画チーム(PQ-C)

Policy to Proactively Address Global Health Issues (Such as HIV/ AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria)

MC is actively conducting business globally with a business network spanning more than 200 countries around the world. For some of these countries, health issues such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are pressing issues. MC’s policy is to work proactively to address these global health issues. One example of how MC is addressing the health problems of HIV/AIDS and malaria through its investee companies is through the initiatives of Mozal, an MC Group aluminum smelting company in Mozambique. Mozal has been placing great emphasis on social contribution activities. Through an annual contribution of approximately ¥200 million in funding, Mozal conducts activities such as helping small businesses to create jobs, putting in place mechanisms to support education and public health, and providing health education. Support activities are also undertaken in other areas such as sports, culture and social infrastructure. Specific examples of support for education and health education include the construction of schools and anti-malaria clinics as well as the provision of HIV education.

Reference:Mozal’s ESG initiatives.



MC Group
  • Health check-up rate for domestic (Japan-based) employees: 100%
  • Zero fatalities (including contractors)
  • Reduction in the rate of workplace accidents from the previous year (including contractors)

Reference:For details on performance related to the targets above, please see Performance Data.

  • Health check-up rate for overseas assignees: 100%
  • Percentage of annual paid leave taken: 70%
  • Zero workplace accidents

Reference:For details on performance related to the targets above, please see Performance Data.

MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)


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【参考】衛生委員会 実施体制

Officers in Charge Yutaka kashiwagi (Member of the Board, Executive Vice President, Corporate Functional Officer, CDO, CAO, Corporate Communications, Corporate Sustainability & CSR)
Deliberative Bodies
(A subcommittee under the Executive Committee, a management decision-making body)
Human Resources Development (HRD) Committee, Sustainability & CSR Committee
Important matters related to occupational health and safety deliberated by the committees are formally approved by the Executive Committee and put forward or reported to the Board of Directors based on prescribed standards.
Departments in Charge Global Human Resources Dept.

Reference:Diagram of the Sustainability Promotion Framework

MC has appointed the Member of the Board, Executive Vice President, Corporate Functional Officer for Human Resources as the chief officer in charge of OHS management for the MC Group, and promotes a structure where the Global Human Resources Department coordinates each of the Business Groups, which are primarily responsible for OHS management.

For each MC Group company in Japan, we have established committees such as the Health Committee in line with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, in which employees also participate in developing, evaluating and determining plans related to preventing health problems as well as maintaining and promoting good health. In particular, at consolidated subsidiaries hazards such as near misses are reported by employees at morning meetings and other occasions, and necessary countermeasures are put into practice.

MC considers occupational health and safety as a key management priority, and has been working to pursue health and productivity management.

  • Headed by the Chief Health and Safety Supervisor (who serves concurrently as an Executive Vice President), and consisting of four occupational physicians and eleven health supervisors from each business group, the Health Committee meets once a month, on a non-consolidated basis, to discuss employee health and workplace safety matters. The minutes of the monthly meetings are posted on the intranet and disseminated to employees.
  • MC believes that it is essential to understand the company’s current situation and to manage the entire health and safety process from the consideration of measures to their implementation in order to promote good health. Consequently, MC has established the Health Management Office (established in April 2018 with the Health Promotion and D&I Team active from April 2021), a dedicated health and safety office within the Global Human Resources Department. This office coordinates with related departments (such as the internal medical clinic, the mental health support desk, etc.) and the MC Health Insurance Union to consider various health-related measures such as the appropriate use of data.
  • Furthermore, monthly meetings are held between the Global Human Resources Department, industrial physicians, the MC Health Insurance Union, and personnel in charge of human resources in Japan to discuss policies and share information.

* The Mitsubishi Shoji Building and the Marunouchi Park Building are registered as separate business sites. For each business site, MC has established an occupational health and safety framework as required by labor laws.

MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Employee Participation

  • Employees participate in the Health Committee which develops plans concerning the prevention of health problems and the maintenance and enhancement of good health, along with discussing evaluations and improvements. It is also engaged in identifying and disseminating accurate knowledge and information related to emerging infectious diseases.
  • MC strives to create safe and healthy workplace environments in order for its diverse workforce to thrive and succeed. At the same time, MC takes steps to ensure that each employee is able to manage his or her own health independently through training seminars and related events. Particular emphasis is placed on the health management of employees on overseas assignment. MC has also implemented measures which allow employees to coordinate with their supervisors to take flexible hourly paid leave when they require outpatient care. In addition, sponsoring charity marathons and holding in-house health events has provided opportunities for employees to develop an interest in sports and to foster an awareness of their own health.
  • MC conducts discussions on creating a more positive workplace and promoting appropriate time management. Regular communication between employees and management is maintained through meetings between the MC Staff Union and management staff, including the President/CEO, along with bi-annual meetings to discuss business performance and regular meetings with the Global Human Resources Dept. Moreover, the MC Staff Union also holds health seminars for employees.
人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Loan and Investment Screening

When reviewing and making decisions on loan and investment proposals, MC conducts a comprehensive screening process which considers not only economic aspects, but ESG factors as well. From an occupational health and safety perspective, particularly for projects which have a high risk of accidents or fatalities, MC ensures that numerous issues, including the maintenance status of HSE management systems, past cases of accidents or fatalities, and quantitative data such as the LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) are considered in its deliberations. Besides screening new investment and exit proposals, MC also strives to make improvements to existing business investments by monitoring their management practices.

MC SIM事務局, サステナビリティ・CSR部 ステークホルダーエンゲージメントチーム(PQ-E), 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Risk Management (Risk Assessment)

Occupational health and safety is a vital component of HSE risk and is managed in accordance with the MC Group Risk Management Policy.

(1) Definition: HSE risk refers to recognizing the impact of manufacturing, industrial works, distribution and other operations on occupational health and safety as well as the environment, and identifying and managing risks related to accidents, damage to health, environmental contamination, etc.
(2) HSE risk management: a. Risk identification and management: Identify latent risks related to HSE based on the nature of the operations and sector, and avoid, mitigate and manage the risks. b. Risk awareness-raising: Raise employees’ awareness of the importance of HSE risk based on the nature of the operations and sector through education, training and other activities. c. Formation of policies related to accidents and response: Stipulate emergency policies in advance in order to be prepared in the event of an accident. Establish the necessary measures to minimize damage while working with relevant institutions when an accident occurs. Should an accident occur, conduct necessary investigations, analyze the causes, and implement measures to prevent future reoccurrence.
(3) System: Comply with law and regulations, international rules, voluntary industry standards, and customer requirements related to HSE and formulate an action plan based on MC’s industry and business activities. In addition, formulate policies based on the action plan and introduce a system for regularly confirming their implementation. Further, monitor performance related to HSE and review the action plan.”

人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Reporting of Workplace Accidents

The MC Group strives to prevent workplace accidents for employees.
We have established a system that enables us to deal with workplace accidents appropriately (investigation, response to findings, etc.) and take preventative measures in a prompt manner. In the event that a workplace accident occurs at an MC Group Company, it will be reported via a dedicated reporting channel for occupational accidents. In the event of an accident with severe consequences, such as death or serious injury, or an accident involving suspected violations of laws and regulations, a report will also be made via the compliance reporting channel.
Workplace accidents that occur in the MC Group are reported to the Compliance Committee and monitored by the annual Sustainability Survey, and are used to take preventive measures to reduce future accidents.

法務部 コンプライアンス総括室(PL), 法務部 法務企画室(PL-X), 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)


Initiatives on a Non-Consolidated Basis

MC considers its people to be its greatest asset and the health of its employees to be a key management priority, and has been working to pursue health and productivity management in accordance with the above policies, goals and systems.MC recognizes that the success of each employee depends on their physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, we will strive to promote the mental and physical health of our employees and provide health support to help employees lead active lives and reach their full potential. In accordance with this, we have set the goals of (1) reducing the percentage of obesity through improving health awareness and lifestyle habits, and (2) promoting early stage consultation for the early detection and prevention of mental health problems. In line with these measures, we are working on health policies to improve presenteeism and reduce absenteeism. MC’s health initiatives were recognized under the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program’s WHITE500, a list of 500 companies recognized for excellence in their health and productivity initiatives. With regards to physical and mental health in particular.

1) Physical health: reducing the percentage of obesity through improving health awareness and lifestyle habits
2) Mental health: promoting early stage consultation for the early detection and prevention of mental health problems

1) Incidence of obesity (BMI of 25 or over)

  2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
Male 34.2% 31.0% 30.6%
Female 8.8% 8.1% 9.7%
Total 27.5% 25.4% 23.4%

Additionally, we collect and analyze data such as medical check-up items and numerical values, as well as questionnaires in order to identify issues and consider response measures. 

2) Number of consultations with MC’s Mental Health Support Desk

  2020.3 2021.3
Total number of consultations 1,881 1,909
Number of people receiving consultations 216 205
Most Recent Initiatives and Results of Analysis of Effectiveness

1) Efforts to improve health awareness and lifestyles

(1) Internal notifications by industrial physicians, etc.

Explanation and sharing of health data, issues, and approaches, etc. in the "Health Column" of the internal newsletter and at various level-specific training sessions.

(2) Health seminars and health check events

These events were held online to all employees, including those working overseas.

  •  Seminar themess:Diet, practical exercise, sleep apnea syndrome, cancer, women’s health, mindfulness, etc.  (e.g., online seminars on diet and exercise in collaboration with sports clubs).
  •  Health check events: Measurement of health condition and on-the-spot individual exercise guidance based on results (body composition, vascular age, body misalignment).

(3) Provision of health apps

We introduced a health app that helps all employees in Japan to visualize and improve their lifestyle habits by recording their diet, exercise and sleep, and provids health advice based on those records.
Going forward, we plan to introduce the system to overseas employees as well.

(4) Provision of healthy meal opportunities

  • To encourage employees to choose health-conscious meals, a health-conscious menu is offered at every meal in the employee cafeteria and is also available on the company intranet. Also, all other menu items include information on their nutritional value, such as the amount of salt they contain.
  • Vegetables and fruits (vegetable sticks, cut fruits, mini salads, etc.) are provided in the office so that employees can easily pick them up to add to their lunch or as a snack.
  • In addition to introducing recipes for healthy seasonal menus on the health app, examples of recommended menus for lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes are posted on the company intranet and are also provided when nutritional guidance is given to the target employees.

There was a reduction in the percentage of obesity within the company, especially among males, falling 3.6% from 34.2% in FY 2018 to 30.6% in FY 2020.

2) Initiatives for early detection and prevention of mental health problems

(1) individual consultation sessions for all employees were conducted alongside stress checks.(by request, in person or online)

(2) Carried out various initiatives following the lifting of the state of emergency.

  • Provision of information on mental health has been improved.
  • Management staff have been provided with online training by the medical clinic director and in-house licensed psychologists regarding care for subordinates’ mental health.
  • Handouts containing information on self-care have been distributed to all employees.
Health Management of Employees and Their Families During Overseas Appointments

There are approximately 1,150 MC head-office employees on overseas assignments at any given time, and some 1,250 family members accompanying them. Recognizing that working overseas for extended periods can have an impact on one’s health due to differences in language, culture, medical systems, and other environmental factors, MC has taken several steps to ensure that its employees and their family members remain in good health wherever they happen to be. In addition to facilitating annual local health examinations, the MC Head Office medical clinic is equipped to handle health-related inquiries from employees and their family members should they feel unwell while overseas. If there is not a suitable medical facility in the area, MC will provide for the employee and their family to either return to Japan or travel to other nearby developed country for the examination. Employees and their families also qualify for subsidized travel expenses when taking Health Maintenance Leave, which can be taken in addition to paid holidays when employees need time off to refresh themselves, both in mind and body. MC also provides a global, 24-hour Japanese language service for medical emergencies, emergency assistance in transporting employees to more medically advanced regions like Tokyo, Singapore, and Bangkok and other extensive health-related support for its employees on overseas assignments.

Survey to Monitor and Improve the Health and Working Environments of Employees on Overseas Appointments

In order to drive continuous improvement, since 2013 the Global Human Resources Dept. has conducted a survey targeting employees on overseas assignments to assess the quality of healthcare they receive as well as their working conditions in general for the purpose of further enhancing health-related measures. Monitor working conditions and stress levels, and if needed, additional support is provided by the Global Human Resources Dept. or the Mental Health Support Desk.

Medical Clinics for Employee Health Management

MC has established medical clinics at its Head Office and Kansai and Chubu Branch Offices for MC employees and those on domestic and overseas assignments. The Head Office clinic employs approximately 50 full- and part-time medical professionals, including physicians specializing internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology, orthopedics and neurology, as well as nurses, testing and radiology technicians, nutritionists and pharmacists. These professionals, together with examination systems using the latest testing equipment, help to run a clinic that manages the health of MC employees, with a cumulative total of approximately 21,900 users in the year-ended March 2020, and approximately 14,500 employees in the year-ended March 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
Within Japan, the attendance rate for regular checkups is 100%. Where necessary, employees are called in for follow-up examinations (3 to 6 months later), are offered further tests.
The medical clinic also has an occupational health department, which provides medical support to employees with health concerns to enable them to work with peace of mind. This includes return-to-work assessments for those who go on leave due to medical treatment, and support to help them balance work with their treatment needs. We also aim to maintain a comfortable work environment through workplace assessments and discussions via the Health Committee. We interview employees who work overtime to inform them about long working hours and the associated health issues. In these ways, we are making ongoing efforts to improve health literacy and create a workplace where all employees can work in optimal physical and mental health.

Reference: For details on performance, please see Head Office Clinic Usage.

Preventing Lifestyle-Related Diseases and Metabolic Syndrome

MCʼs health clinics provide early check-ups and treatment and offer medium and long-term health management in conjunction with health examinations. Special examinations are offered to employees aged 40 and over and are utilized by 84% of employees in this age group. Preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes and hyperuricemia is a pressing societal issue. MC is working to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and metabolic syndrome for employees by providing access to physicians and nutritionists via the clinics. Early action is essential to preventing lifestyle-related diseases. Going forward, in addition to providing health guidance to younger employees, MC will also work to raise the awareness of healthy employees with normal checkup results on how to structure their lifestyles for maintaining their health.

Efforts Related to Self-Medication

In collaboration with the Mitsubishi Corporation Health Insurance Association, we are providing employees with a self-medication service that allows them to consult with a specialist (pharmacist) and purchase medication online with the aim of encouraging them to take an interest in maintaining and improving their health. When developing health management-related programs such as this self-medication service, we provide services and conduct trials among our employees in order to make improvements to such programs.

Mental Health Measures

Focusing on preventive measures and early treatment, MC provides extensive mental care support. MC has a simple, web-based system through which employees can assess their own stress levels and propensities to develop health problems. MC also conducts various types of training for employees, including managers, in an effort to prevent mental health issues. Since the fiscal year ended March 2017, MC has made it a requirement for all employees in Japan, including secondees, to complete the self check. After answering an online survey, employees immediately receive a three-stage evaluation of their stress levels. If their stress levels are particularly high, they are instructed to make an appointment with a neurologist at one of MC’s clinics. If necessary, working environment adjustments are also prescribed to help bring their stress levels down.
Meanwhile, MC’s internal Mental Health Support Desk and medical clinic neurology department are equipped to quickly accommodate employee (including employees on domestic and overseas assignments) health inquiries, with a system that supports employees together with their workplaces. MC has also set up an outside help desk that is linked to its specialized EAP medical facilities. Through this comprehensive system, employees and their family members can consult with health-care professionals or receive counseling at any hour of the day, whether in person or by telephone or e-mail.
Moreover, a summary of the results are shared on an anonymous basis within MC and utilized to improve working styles and workplace conditions. Going forward, MC plans to make use of the survey findings to inform its mental health issue prevention measures for employees, as well as training and other measures to further raise awareness of mental health issues.

* Employee Assistance Program

〈The Mental Health Support Desk〉
The Mental Health Support Desk has been established for MC employees (including those on domestic and overseas assignments). Staffed by licensed psychologists and clinical psychotherapists, the Support Desk is available to employees for mental health consultations. It helps employees to check their stress levels and enables those feeling off form to have an initial consultation before seeing a neurologist. It also supports employees who have been on extended leave due to psychiatric issues to return to work by offering rehabilitation programs, recommendations on workplace re-integration and long-term follow-up.

Stress Check Results (Domestic)
  2020.3 2021.3 2022.3
Implementation rate 95% 95% 94%
Assistance with Fees for Multiphasic Health Screenings

Multiphasic health screenings are offered to employees in line with the Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Act, the fees for which are partially subsidized.

* Subsidized by the MC Health Insurance Society

Measures for Infectious Diseases

MC gathers and analyzes the latest information from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the World Health Organization, the CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention), and other organizations on the outbreak and spread of infectious diseases. Based on this, the Emergency Crisis Management Office works together with occupational physicians and occupational health staff to implement in-house infection control measures.

With respect to COVID-19, MC is monitoring the situation in Japan and overseas, and has adopted the following three principles: prevention of infection; prevention of the spread of infection; and prevention of severe cases. With these principles in mind, we are taking the necessary measures to mitigate any adverse impacts on not only MC employees but all staff working within MC, all whilst striving to ensure business continuity.

We have strengthened our medical consultation system for employees assigned overseas and their families, and are providing medical advice on infection prevention and mental health care to help them work with peace of mind even in areas where infection is widespread.

MC takes an exhaustive approach toward preventing the spread of diseases in the workplace with initiatives such as providing anti-malaria vaccinations for employees taking business trips to regions where tropical malaria is prevalent, recommending antibody tests and vaccinations against measles and rubella (MR), and administering in-house vaccinations against seasonal influenza.

Reference: For the Emergency Crisis Response Headquarters, please refer to Crisis Management.

Tuberculosis Prevention Initiatives (Mongolia)

MC partnered with the Mongolian Anti-Tuberculosis Association to raise awareness of tuberculosis in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. Targeting particularly high-risk groups such as college students, MC aimed to raise awareness of the disease through pamphlet distribution, videos and events. In addition, for secondary school students, MC organized a drawing contest and used the winning entries in advertising posters. These awareness-raising activities were conducted at five universities and 750 secondary schools.

New Work Styles Befitting MC

As business becomes ever more complex and fast-paced, the pressure on employees to carry out more work at a higher quality inevitably increases. In addition, the nature of a sogo shosha means there are often busy and high-pressure periods, such as with large projects and overseas business. As such, in order to prevent health problems caused by overwork, MC places particular priority on: 1) the mental and physical health of employees; 2) compliance with laws, regulations and rules; and 3) appropriate management of extended overtime. Specifically, MC goes beyond legal requirements in terms of managing overtime hours for non-managers and managers. When employees exceed a certain level of overtime hours, they must submit a health questionnaire and receive health guidance from an occupational physician. As well as using computer logs and objective data to accurately report overtime hours and complying with the Japanese Article 36 Agreement as a matter of course, MC also conducts time management training and other initiatives for managers. While taking into account the differences between specific business environments and industries, MC aims to achieve an average annual paid leave utilization rate of 70% or more, and systematically encourages employees to utilize their annual paid leave. In addition, where certain departments demonstrate a tendency to work overtime frequently, MC will draw up and implement improvement measures on an individual basis and endeavor to prevent overwork, including by reducing excessive overtime. As a result, in the fiscal year ended March 2020, the annual paid leave utilization rate was 55% while average monthly overtime was 27.2 hours/month(As for the fiscal year ended March 2019, 67%, 25.1hours/month). MC is promoting initiatives each organization and individual to pursue autonomous and flexible work styles, and improve in productivity and efficiency while improving results and performance.
MC is creating a working environment that enables its diverse workforce to thrive professionally while fostering an organizational culture in which performance is evaluated fairly based on results.

MC SIM事務局, 総務部 危機管理室(PH-K), 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Initiatives on a Consolidated Basis

Initiatives at Group Companies

MC Group companies conduct activities to prevent industrial accidents by formulating response policies, introducing occupational health and safety(OHS) management systems for employees, and taking other appropriate measures based on the nature of the business and context.

* Within the MC Group, 60 percent of employees and contractors are covered by OHS management system (Sustainability Survey Results for the fiscal year ended March 2020).

1) Initiatives of Mitsubishi Corporation Exploration Co., Ltd. (MCX)
As a company which conducts energy resource projects with a focus on natural gas and LNG, MCX regards HSE as a top priority. MCX believes that proper identification, analyzation, and management of HSE events and their risks within its business is crucial in order to continuously improve the occupational health and safety environment and to contribute to the sustainable development of society, and accordingly, MCX has published an HSE policy and is actively working to reduce risks by applying this policy to all its activities. To ensure the efficient operation of these activities, an HSE Office, which reports directly to the President, has been established to educate and train MCX and MC. Additionally, the company analyzes the causes of each HSE event using information obtained from the monitoring of incidents and environmental pollution events in the businesses for which it is responsible, and by managing and accumulating this information, detects potential HSE risks at an early stage and, if necessary, recommends effective improvement measures to MCX and business partners. Additionally, MCX has continued to revise and improve its unique HSE Management System (HSEMS) in order to adapt to changes in the business environment.
Reference:Mitsubishi Corporation Exploration’s HSE initiatives
人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P), 天然ガスグループCEOオフィス (NX-B)

2) Donggi-Senoro LNG Project

MC is one of the largest shareholders of the Donggi-Senoro LNG Project in Indonesia (DSLNG). There are various safety and operational risks associated with the processing and production of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from sweet natural feed gas. DSLNG recognizes this and considers process safety and occupational health and safety to be of utmost importance. To ensure the safety of workers, DSLNG has implemented a range of measures, including formulating policies on integrated quality, health, safety, environment and security along with establishing a Process Safety Management Committee. In addition, DSLNG also provides employees with training on matters such as Permit to Work, process safety management, crisis management and firefighting measures. Moreover, MC has established a robust framework for conducting regular reviews and improvements on safety.

(1) Implementation of Audits:
DSLNG conducts Permit to Work Audits and Safety Leadership Conversations (SLC) on a daily basis. Through these audits, checks are conducted on various aspects related to onsite safety, along with ensuring that Permit to Work entries are recorded accurately. In the event that any issues are identified, DSLNG ensures that they are followed up on, and operations are immediately suspended should a safety issue arise.

(2) Examples of Risk Assessments:
A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is conducted for the majority of jobs to scope out potential risks, assess their severity, identify possible measures to manage the risks, and determine the overall level of risk. Through this process DSLNG ensures that jobs are performed in line with adequate safety standards.

天然ガスグループCEOオフィス (NX-B)

3) MC Ferticom Co., Ltd.

As its core safety initiative, MC Ferticom Co., Ltd. implements S・I・GMA (sigma) activities with the aim of improving manufacturing operations.
S = Safety
I = Improvement
GMA= Good Manners
Through these activities, MC is making a concerted effort to raise awareness of safety and improve manufacturing operations. MC Ferticom Co., Ltd. has acquired the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certification at all of its facilities, namely four plants and one manufacturing center, and will complete the transition to ISO45001 in 2020. As a responsible fertilizer manufacturer, MC will continue to pursue further safety and reliability.

Reference:MC Ferticom Co., Ltd. website (Japanese only)


Status of Acquisition of OHSAS 18001

Main MC Group Companies with OHSAS Certification

* The percentage of affiliated companies that have acquired ISO 45001 and OHSAS 180001 certification is 6% (Sustainability Survey Results for the fiscal year ended March 2020).

Business Group Name of Company Business Activities
Natural Gas Group FAIRFIELD ENERGY LTD Plug and abandonment, and decommissioning of upstream crude oil assets
TOMORI E&P LIMITED Natural gas development, production, and sales
Industrial Materials Group MC Zhenjiang Anode Solutions Co., Ltd. Production and sale of anodes for aluminum smelting
PMC Tech Co., Ltd.  Production and sales of needle cokes
UBE-MC Hydrogen Peroxiside Ltd. Production and sales of hydrogen peroxiside
Cape Flattery Silica Mines Pty. Ltd. Mining, refinery and sales of silica sand
Petroleum & Chemicals Solution Group MC Ferticom Co., Ltd. Fertilizer production
PT. KANSAI PAINT INDONESIA Automobile paint production and sales
Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of PET resin
Mineral Resources Group Anglo American Sur S.A. Copper ore mining, processing and sales
Industrial Infrastructure Group Chiyoda Corporation Plant engineering business
Mitsubishi Electric de Colombia Ltda. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
Mitsubishi Dendai Hong Kong Co., Ltd. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Elevator business (sales and maintenance)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corporation Production, sale, and servicing of compressors
Automotive & Mobility Group PT MITSUBISHI MOTORS KRAMA YUDHA INDONESIA Automobile manufacturing
GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd. Assembly, import and sales of automobiles
Food Industry Group Zhejiang Dalian Marine Foods Co., Ltd. Import, export, purchase, processing, and sales of marine products
Cermaq Group AS Salmon aquaculture business
Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Private Limited Contracted manufacturing of agrochemical intermediates and active ingredients
OLAM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Production, collection, processing, trade, and port operations for agricultural products
Princes Limited Food and beverage production
Power Solution Group N.V. ENECO Energy supply business
GS BATTERY VIETNAM CO., LTD. Manufacture and sale of lead-acid batteries for automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial use
MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P), 複合都市開発グループCEOオフィス(SX-C), 天然ガスグループCEOオフィス (NX-B), 電力ソリューショングループCEOオフィス (EZ-K), 石油・化学グループCEOオフィス(CT-A), コンシューマー産業グループCEOオフィス(HI-F), 総合素材グループ 炭素本部 戦略企画室(DZ-R), 総合素材グループCEOオフィス(DZ-R2), 金属資源グループCEOオフィス(KZ-B), 産業インフラグループCEOオフィス(MV-Y), 自動車・モビリティグループCEOオフィス(UV-A), 食品産業グループCEOオフィス 経営計画ユニット(LI-F)

Provision of HSE Information

Since 2002, Nikken Corporation has a regularly-published newsletter called Safety News (in Japanese), which is shared with customers and other stakeholders. MC gathers a range of information including recommendations on how to reduce labor-related accidents as well as methods for how to avoid and prevent HSE incidents based on white papers published by related organizations


Performance Data

Occupational Accident Data
Occupational Health and Safety Data(Consolidated Basis)

Work related Frequency rate

(This data includes Subsidiaries and Unincorporated Joint operations, which contains production business sites)

  2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
①Employees - 5.61 4.16
②Non-employees workers(Contractors) - 2.16 1.95
Whole company(①+②) - 5.06 3.79  

Work related Frequency rate

(This data includes Subsidiaries and Unincorporated Joint operations, any other group companies like Affiliates, which contains production business sites)

  2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
①Employees - 3.19 3.36
②Non-employees workers - 1.22 0.75
Whole copmany(①+②) - 2.71 2.74

* “Frequency rate” refers to the frequency of workplace accidents and is derived from the number of injuries/ deaths resulting from workplace accidents per 1,000,000 actual working hours.

ESG Data marked with a star (⋆) for the year ended March 2021 has received independent practitioner’s assurance from Deloitte Tohmatsu Sustainability Co., Ltd.

The number of fatalities and injuries in FY 2020 at MC's main businesses (subsidiaries and unincorporated joint operations) with production sites over which MC has control through shareholdings etc. was zero, in line with the initial target.

Meanwhile, the frequency rate of occupational incidents at major businesses (including subsidiaries, unincorporated joint operations, affiliates, etc.) with production sites in FY 2020 was 2.74, which reflects a slight increase of 1% compared with FY 2019 (2.71). This was due to insufficient awareness of occupational health and safety management based on company policies at newly-invested businesses in FY 2020, while many of our business investees experienced a decrease in operating hours due to the impact of COVID-19.

In order to achieve the MC Group's goals of "zero fatalities" and "reduction in the frequency rate of occupational incidents compared with the previous fiscal year", we will continue to strengthen our occupational health and safety management system and enhance individual measures for business investments with relatively high occupational health and safety risks from the next fiscal year onward (see below for data on occupational incidents by business area from FY 2020).

【Reference 1】The number of fatalities and injuries by Business group (including subsidiaries, unincorporated joint operations)

Natural Gas Group 0
Industrial Materials Group 0
Petroleum & Chemicals Solution Group 0
Mineral Resources Group 0
Industrial Infrastructure Group 0
Automotive & Mobility Group 0
Food Industry Group 0
Consumer Industry Group 0
Power Solution Group 0
Urban Development Group 0
Corporate Staff Section 0
Total 0

【Reference 2】Work related Frequency rate by Business group(including subsidiaries, unincorporated joint operations, affiliates, etc.)

Natural Gas Group 0.11
Industrial Materials Group 1.25
Petroleum & Chemicals Solution Group 0.47
Mineral Resources Group 1.52
Industrial Infrastructure Group 1.96
Automotive & Mobility Group 0.17
Food Industry Group 5.30
Consumer Industry Group 0.54
Power Solution Group 0.86
Urban Development Group 0.42
Corporate Staff Section 0.00
Total 2.74
Occupational Health and Safety Data (Non-Consolidated Basis)
  2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
Lost time injuries frequency rate*1
(Frequency rate of injuries, people/ million hrs)
0.47 0.49 0.16
Lost time injuries severity rate*2
(Severity level of accidents, days/ thousand hrs)
0.00 0.01 0.00
Occupational illness frequency rate*3
(people/ million hrs)
0.00 0.00 0.00

Calculated based on the standards of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for employees working at head offices and domestic branches (excluding advisors and contract employees).

  • *1 “Frequency rate” refers to the frequency of workplace accidents and is derived from the number of injuries/ deaths resulting from workplace accidents per 1,000,000 actual working hours.
    “Injuries/ deaths” refers to workplace accidents resulting in both physical injury or loss of physical function as well as one or more days of absence from work.
  • *2 “Severity rate” refers to the severity level of accidents and represents the total number of lost time injury days/ 1,000 total actual working hours.
  • *3 Frequency of industrial accidents classified as work-related illnesses as stipulated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (including fatalities caused by illness).

There have been no fatal accidents at MC during the three-year period stated above.
In the year ended March 2021, falls were the cause of 100% of occupational accidents, which form the basis of the frequency rate and the severity rate.

ESG Data marked with a star (⋆) for the year ended March 2021 has received independent practitioner’s assurance from Deloitte Tohmatsu Sustainability Co., Ltd.

Reference:Independent Practitioner’s Assurance Report

Comparison with Industry Average (for Wholesalers and Retailers with a Business Scale of 100 Employees or More)
  2018 2019 2020
Lost time injuries frequency rate 2.08 2.09 2.27
Workplace accident severity rate 0.10 0.04 0.11

From the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s “2020 Survey on Industrial Accidents”

MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Other Data

Head Office Clinic Usage
Patients in the fiscal year ended March 2021: (total no. of people) Approximately 21,900 people per year (Medical examinations 6,400; general medical examinations 14,800; overseas medical consultations, health guidance and others 700)
Health Checkup Results
  2018.3 2019.3 2020.3
Overseas assignees checkup rate 91% 92% 80%
Domesitic assignees checkup rate 100% 100% 100%
Specific health examination assignees checkup rate 89% 86% 84%
Stress Check Results (Domestic)
  2019.3 2020.3 2021.3
Checkup rate 95% 95% 94%
Training and Education Performance
Training course title Theme Target Participants
Organizational management training Lecture on Health and Safety Management by the supervising occupational physician Manager level 137
Health included as a theme in New Manager (M2) Training introductory seminar Persons promoted to management positions 148
Intermediate follow-up training for new employees Lecture on stress management University graduate employees 122
Integration training for mid-career hires Lecture on stress management Mid-career hires 13
Instructor training Lecture on workplace mental health “Instructor” employees 124
Domestic assignment orientation Mental health included as theme in lecture on human resources management. Lecture delivered by legal advisor. Managers sites/companies 163
MC Group Upskilling Program “Labor law and personnel management” lecture on the basics of labor law and labor management (mental health care, harassment, etc.) Employees whose work requires it (application basis) 60
Training course title Theme Target Participants
Care for subordinates’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic Lecture on “Care for subordinates’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic” by supervising occupational physician and in-house licensed psychologist Management 3,162
MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)

Independent Practitioner’s Assurance

Theme thumb mitsubishi assurance report  translation 2020 html 20200814

ESG Data marked with a star (⋆) for the year ended March 2021 has received independent practitioner’s assurance from Deloitte Tohmatsu Sustainability Co., Ltd.

Reference:Independent Practitioner’s Assurance Report

MC SIM事務局, 人事部 人事組織チーム(PJ-P)